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Tipperary Food Producers

We are a community of food and beverage producers working together in a network to promote the very best food Tipperary has to offer. Creating nutritious and healthy products in a sustainable food system is what binds us together.

Our vibrant network of dedicated producers includes cheesemakers and bee-keepers, fruit farmers and cider makers, butchers and bakers, and sauce and jam makers. The integrity that we offer with our products makes us stand out both nationally and internationally.

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Cultivating Tipperary

Many of the producers work directly on the land and personally deliver the finest quality offerings from what nature provides, in turn making these elements into something special. From the world-renowned Cashel Blue Cheese, to more local specialties like Boulabán Farm Ice Cream and Emerald Oils, the producers have been operating the family farms and passing on knowledge for generations.

We have enough to please every palate in Tipperary: vegetables and fruits, jams, honey, chutneys, sauces, cheese, drinks, meat, eggs, crisps, coffee, ice cream and sorbets, oil, sweets, chocolates, tortillas, and even peanut butter!

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